Bags to Benches Recycling Program with NexTrex®

Jun 12, 2023

Chester County Library is proud to partner with Chester County’s Chesco GoGreen Committee and NexTrex® as a collection site for plastic film refuse recycling starting on June 1st. Chesco’s new GoGreen Committee initiative,”Bags to Benches,” will allow residents to help repurpose plastic film (if the plastic stretches, it’s acceptable!) including:

  • grocery bags
  • bread bags
  • bubble wrap
  • dry cleaning bags
  • newspaper sleeves
  • ice bags
  • plastic shipping envelopes
  • Ziploc and other reclosable food storage bags
  • cereal bags
  • beverage case overwrap
  • salt bags
  • pallet wrap and stretch film
  • wood pellet bags
  • produce bags

Please DO NOT include items such as six-pack rings, pre-washed salad mix bags, hot dog or meat wrap packaging, PPE-gloves, masks or protective wear, pool covers, silage and hay bags, vinyl shower curtains or table cloths, bedding or linen packaging, frozen food bags, candy wrapper bars, chip bags, net or mesh produce bags, pet food bags or shiny, crinckly films like floral wrap, in your donations as these plastics cannot be accepted.

These recycables are used by NexTrex® to produce various products including outdoor furniture. Chester County Library will participate in a 6-month challenge period beginning on June 1st, 2023 – November 30th, 2023. If we are successful in collecting more than 500 pounds of plastic refuse in a six-month span (about 40,500 plastic bags), they will donate a high-performance composite bench to our library. Since our staff will be sorting and weighing the donated plastic refuse it is very important that all items are CLEAN, DRY and FREE OF ANY FOOD RESIDUE as well as RECEIPT PAPERS. The donation bin will be available in the front lobby area of Chester County Library from June 1st, 2023.

Currently plastic film byproducts wind up in the garbage and get burnt in the incinerator. Segregating this portion of the waste stream for recycling purposes is a win for everyone. C’mon Chester County, let’s accept the “Bags to Benches” challenge and reduce, reuse and recycle!

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