Chester County Outdoor HoldIt Locker System


We are happy to announce that the Henrietta Hankin Branch now has a book locker thanks to a donation from the Chester County Library Trust. The Chester County Library book locker was funded by the Chester County Friends of the Library.

Both lockers are found near the front entrances; the Henrietta Hankin Branch is on the parking lot side.

The HoldIt Locker is a system that allows customers the flexibility to pick up holds from an outdoor locker any time of day or night, even when the library is closed!

We hope the lockers will be a great convenience for many of our patrons, but before you decide if the HoldIt Locker is the best pick-up location for you there are a few important things you should know.

You will need to know your library card number. You can enter it manually using the touch screen, or scan the card or the barcode stored in a mobile app on your phone.

Because space is limited, after you receive notice that your items are ready, you will only have 48 hours to pick-up your items. Your hold for items that are not picked-up on time will expire and those items will be cleared from the locker.

Also, any cardholder account status that would block you from borrowing items inside the library also block check-out at the HoldIt Locker.

If you decide that the HoldIt Locker is for you, just follow these easy steps to reserve and pick-up your items:

  • Choose the Chester County Outdoor HoldIt Locker or Hankin Outside Locker as the pick-up location when reserving items.
  • Come to the library within 48 hours after you receive notice that your reserved items are ready.
  • At the locker select ‘Pick-up’ on the touch screen and enter your library card number.
  • Your locker opens and the items inside are checked-out to you automatically.
  • Select ‘Print receipt’ and ‘Finish’ to complete your transaction.
  • Close the locker door firmly until it clicks.

And remember, if you decide that the HoldIt Locker is not for you, you can still place your holds for pick-up indoors at the Chester County Library or Henrietta Hankin Branch. Our indoor holds service will continue without change, allowing you 7 days to pick-up your items inside during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about using the HoldIt Locker System please see our FAQ page.