Thank You to our Trustee Volunteers

Apr 4, 2023

Last week, the Chester County Commissioners issued a proclamation that “Libraries are the nation’s great equalizers of knowledge, providing free access to all.”  Eighteen facilities throughout Chester County are proof that public libraries remain essential to our community. The demand for library service continues, and the libraries have risen to the challenge. This could not be accomplished without the guidance and efforts of volunteer library Trustees. 

During National Volunteer Recognition week, the Chester County Library System (CCLS) recognizes our 148 esteemed Trustees, and all they do to promote library services throughout Chester County. CCLS is comprised of 16 member libraries, with 18 facilities, reaching every corner of Chester County. 

Trustees are the face of the library in each community. They are community leaders who champion and promote library services, provide fiduciary guidance and help to set strategic direction. Library Trustees develop policy in reaching our strategic goals of accessibility, community engagement, customer experience and sustainability.

Recently, library sustainability has been a much contested topic in Pennsylvania: library funding remained flat from 2009-2019. The Chester County Library System Board formed a Funding Task Force, and member library Trustees worked diligently, resulting in increased municipal, county and state funding. Their tireless efforts during the pandemic year of 2020 ensured that patrons had access to educational, recreational and digital materials. They established safety guidelines which allowed patrons to access materials, while keeping everyone safe.

Without the guidance of these valued 148 individuals, the Chester County Library System may have served far fewer people during the pandemic. CCLS would like to shine a light on the behind the scenes work of our Trustees, which impacts our community every day, and to say, Thank You!

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