Fines & Fees

Adult Books - 25¢/day ($10 max.)
Audiobooks - 25¢/day ($10 max.)
Children's Books - 15¢/day ($10 max.)
CDs - 25¢/day ($10 max.)
DVDs - 25¢/day ($10 max.)
Video Games - 25¢/day ($20 max.)
Rental Books - 25¢/day ($10 max.)
Nooks - $5.00/day ($20 max.)
Mobile Hotspots - $20/day ($60 max.)
Museum Passes - $20/day ($60 max.)

Book Club in a Bag -
 $3.00/day per bag ($30 max.)

Fines for materials from the Chester County Library System can be paid in person at any of the CCLS member libraries. Fines can also be mailed in or paid online with a credit card. The Chester County Library accepts Visa, Discover and MasterCard for payment of fees and fines. 

Lost/Damaged Items - Replacement Cost
Printer Copies:
  Black/White - 10¢/copy   
  Color Printing - 50¢/copy 
  Black/White - 10¢/page
  Color - 50¢/page
  8.5 by 11 - 10¢/copy 
  11 by 17 - 20¢/copy
Fax (Send Only) - $1.00 (up to 10 pages)
Rental Audio Books - $2.12/3 weeks
Rental Books - $1.59/1 week
Great Courses - $2.12/3 weeks
New Hit Movies - $2.65/3 days
New Hit TV Series - $1.59/1 week
TV Series - $1.59/2 weeks
Binge Boxes - $3.18/1 week
All Other DVDs/Blu-ray - $1.59/1 week
Video Games - $3.18/1 week
Mobile Hotspots- $2.00/day for 3 or 7 days
Earbuds - $1.25
Flash Drives - $7.50
CD-R discs - $1.00
CD-RW discs - $1.50
DVD discs - $2.00
Fees for Digital Media Lab and Makerspace (DMLM) supplies are listed on the DMLM page.

Fees may be applicable, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Chester County Library and Library System, for providing services which may include:

  • An additional cost to the Library with each use, such as materials for programs.

  • Rental of meeting room space to outside organizations (i.e., use of the Struble Room).

  • Use of equipment, such as photocopiers, microform and computer printers, and fax machines.

  • New services for which funding is not otherwise available.

  • Certain popular and high-demand material (i.e., rental books, DVDs, books on tape/CD).

Pay Fees And Fines Online

Materials Recovery Service
The Chester County Library System uses a material recovery service to help member libraries recover long-overdue materials and fines. This service allows the libraries to have as many items as possible available to the public. The Library sends a First Notice followed by a Bill Notice. If materials are not returned after these two notices, borrowing privileges are suspended. If materials are unreturned for two weeks after the Bill Notice and if the amount owed in fines reaches a certain threshold, the borrower's account is sent to Unique Management Services. Titles of overdue items are not sent, thus maintaining the borrower's confidentiality. Accounts not settled after 120 days of being sent to UMS are sent to the credit reporting bureaus.

Help Us Help You!
If we have your current e-mail address we can send you reminders when your items are due and holds are ready for pick up.

Make Sure Your Account is Fine Free!
Owe more than $10.00 in fines? You may not be able to check out or place holds on items.
In addition, if you owe $35.00 or more, you may be referred to Unique Management with a collection fee added. Access your account online to check your record for unpaid charges, or stop by the Circulation Desk at any library in the Chester County Library System.m.