Terri Sharif

Heyla! For many years, I have been a cataloging librarian in Technical Services and help out Friday afternoons in Multimedia, but I have also had the pleasure of working in Reference and Circulation, getting to know some very nice people over the years.

Reading has always been a passion, and while I love a good story, I most often gravitate to non-fiction, wanting to know more about this or that, from history to politics to cooking to health to animals/nature to spirituality to the sciences, enjoying all levels -- children’s, young adult, adult – and all formats -- books, magazines, audiobooks and films. What a wonderful place to work and to spend one's days!

When it comes to reading fiction, I mostly love mysteries, especially those featuring clever and witty women, such as Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody or Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher. Yet, overall, I enjoy any well-told tale, especially the classics, and on many occasions dare to break out of my comfort zone to explore new territories in less familiar genres and that might take place in faraway lands ~~ or universes!

One of my all-time favorites is The Universe and The Teacup: The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty by K.C. Kole

Please stop by Multimedia Friday afternoons and share with me what you love!

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