Laura MacElree

Hello! I began working in the Circulation department at the Chester County Library in 2017. I grew up in the Chester County area and frequently spent time here as a child and young adult browsing the book shelves. I always had an interest in working at the library and thought it would be amazing to work around all these wonderful books all day. When I finally stumbled across an open position, it was too good to be true! It’s been great working at a place where you are warmly welcomed everyday and get to discuss your interest in books, movies, and video games with others.

When I’m not at the library, you can find me playing the occasional video game (such as Zelda because it’s awesome), watching movies, attempting to sew, baking, doing yoga, and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy reading science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and various short stories.

If you see me at the front desk, say hi!