Jeremy Way

Hi, I work at the library part time while I pursue a doctorate in Applied Mathematics. You can find me upstairs in the public computer center (yes, we do have one of those). When not asked to work on other projects, I usually spend my time here helping patrons with their internet needs.

I do love reading, despite having little time lately for anything other than textbooks. I like sci-fi, horror, and romance these days. You can follow my reviews here.

Now for a puzzle. In the distance,
you see a length of rope lying
on the ground. It looks like this:


You find that at each crossing,
you are too far away to see which
part of the rope is on top.

Suppose you assume, at each crossing, that there are equal odds of either part being over or under. In that case, what are the odds that this length of rope is a knot, rather than just a loop?

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