Proposed Reestablishment Plan

Proposed Reestablishment Plan for the Magisterial Districts of the Fifteenth Judicial District
Chester County Court of Common Pleas Chester County, Pennsylvania
As required pursuant to both constitutional and statutory provisions, reestablishment is a process by which the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania reviews the boundaries of the magisterial districts within each judicial district, except the First Judicial District-Philadelphia County. This review is undertaken in each year following the official reporting of the decennial census figures. The view is based upon reported population figures, case types and case filings, case weights, geographic positioning of the magisterial districts and related issues.
A reestablishment of Magisterial District Courts petition is being proposed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
To inform you of this process, and to offer the opportunity for public comment to the proposal, copies of the proposed plan are available for review at the Chester County Justice Center in the office of Court Administration, 201 West Market Street, Suite 4100, West Chester, PA. Copies are also available at the Magisterial District Courts, the Chester County Library in Exton, PA and the Henrietta Hankin Library located at 215 Windgate Drive, Chester Springs, PA.  It may be viewed online on the Court of Common Pleas web page at