Libraries Celebrate National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month. The staff and trustees of Chester County Library and Henrietta Hankin Branch extend our sincere thanks to our many dedicated and long- serving volunteers. You help us maintain both libraries so that our customers feel welcome and can find the resources and materials they are looking for. In addition, you are our ambassadors to the community and assist in so many other ways.

This year during the month of April, we will celebrate those volunteers who have achieved milestones in library volunteer service. Celebrating 500 hours of service are John Bakken (Chester County Library), Edie Gerasimon (Chester County Library & Henrietta Hankin Branch), Alexis Hartzell (Chester County Library), Cam Hays (Henrietta Hankin Branch), and Sandra Schwartz (Chester County Library).

Celebrating 1,000 hours of service are Chester County Library volunteers Richard Koon and Joe Mitchell. Celebrating 2,500 hours of service at Chester County Library is Joann Kent. Last but not least, the libraries are proud to recognize Frances Carey who has served both Chester County Library and Henrietta Hankin Branch since 2000 and Betty Venditta who has helped at Chester County Library since 1996. Both Betty and Fran have each contributed more than 4,000 hours assisting the libraries over these many years. Their dedication is above and beyond.