Hold the Phone

Changes to our Calling System

If you normally receive notices about your library account by phone and have recently had issues with missed calls, we apologize for the inconvenience. Our automated telephone notification system is nearly 10 years old and has begun to experience technical difficulties. In addition, we’ve discovered that the current calling system will no longer be supported by the manufacturer beginning this fall.

Since the majority of our patrons receive notices via email or text message we’ve decided to retire the calling service on September 1st. As a cost saving measure, we do not plan to replace the older system with an entirely new system at this time.

If you currently receive notices via the automated calling service we highly recommend you switch to either email or text notices, the quickest and most efficient ways for you to receive notices from the library.

You can limit the messages you receive from us to library account activity notices such as courtesy due date reminders and notices that your reserved items are ready for pick-up.  You can also sign up to receive notices about library programs, special events, fundraising promotions and advocacy efforts, or our newsletter ‘the ChroniCLe’ by email; the choice is yours. We respect your privacy, and share your contact information only with our affiliate partners (library foundations and trusts and Friends of the Library) and only with your permission.

We are happy to send your notices in print format by mail if you are unable or choose not to receive email or text messages after September 1st. Due to the volume of notices generated daily we are unable to replace the automated service with personal calls. If you opt to receive notices by mail, please make sure that we have your current address.

Thank you for your patience during this transition and your assistance to help us efficiently meet your customer service needs.