Become A Book In Our Human Library!

at the Chester County Library

The Human Library is a program in which people volunteer to be "books" and share their personal story (as a member of a group that experiences stigma, prejudice and/or discrimination) in a structured environment with "readers" who engage in dialogue and active listening in order to analyze their personal prejudices, misconceptions, or stereotypes. It's normal to have questions about people that are different than us and with this project, "readers" will be able to actually ask those questions in a safe environment and "books" will have the opportunity to dispel myths/stereotypes and put a personal take on them.

We are currently looking for volunteers to become a "book" at our event on January 13, 2018. If you have an unique experience you would like to share, based on the criteria listed above, please fill out the application and e-mail it to Stephanie Sharon at

For further information about the Human Library please visit their website.