Adult Mental Health Forum at Chester County Library

Representative Kristine Howard and the Chester County Library will co-host a second Adult Mental Health Forum this year on Wednesday, November 16 from 5-7 p.m. in the library’s Struble Room. Visitors can connect with resources from several local agencies and listen to local experts talk about the current condition of mental health in Chester County. Registration is not required.

 Speaker presentations at the fair will include:

·        a representative from the Chester County Department of Mental Health

·        a representative from the Chester County Department of Intellectual Disabilities

·        a representative from the West Chester University Community Mental Health Clinic

·        Nikki Weigand, NAMI Keystone's Advocacy Director

The mental health fairs grew out of a need to connect constituents with existing resources. With growing mental health crises, it has become more important than ever to ensure no one goes without the care they need.

While much of Representative Howard's legislative work has focused on preventing mental and behavioral health care worker shortages - the SWEET Program (HB 1926) and the BWELL Program (HB 2091), for example – she has heard from many constituents who were simply unaware of the resources already available. In particular, many parents are looking for assistance with their adult children.

As an accessible community hub and advocate of circulating health literacy within the community, the Chester County Library is also committed to helping connect the community with local mental health resources available to them. The Chester County Library is hoping to extend a lifeline to its neighbors and also demonstrate that they are an inclusive resource for all community needs. This event will give the community at large an opportunity to have open conversations without judgment and thereby also help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Find more information here or contact the Chester County Library Reference Desk at 610-344-5957.