Summer Reading Club

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Summer Quest & Patch Power 2023

The 2023 Summer Reading Program will begin in June. 
Summer readers, Pre-K to Grade 5, should try to read or listen to books every day for at least 30 minutes – and it doesn’t even need to be all at once. More is even better, but it still counts for just that day. You’ll be able to keep track online or on a paper calendar. Then, at the end of the summer, you’ll earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal, depending one how many days you have logged. 

Participants will also be able to participate in the 2023 Patch Power program and earn embroidered patches to hang on backpacks or sew onto clothes. At-home activities and programs for a total of 3 will earn each patch – it’s that easy! The new patches for 2023 will be announced in May. You’ll also be able to earn any of our patches from previous years to complete your collection. 

Check back again in May of 2023 for information on the summer reading program start dates for: All Together Now!

For children's programming information please check the Chester County Library Calendar of Events.