Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Staff Picks

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

How much do you really know about your family's past? The Nightingale is a compelling story about two French sisters, who, during World War II, struggle to survive, protect their families, and fight the Nazis in very different ways.  The past has been buried until one of the sisters receives an invitation that brings all her memories to the forefront. ~Marguerite, CCL

Brain Storms by Jon Palfreman

The author, who developed Parkinson's at 60, explains the complexities of this debilitating disease, the hope of treatments that are being tested in humans and the possibilities of cures. He tells inspiring stories of people who have learned to live fully in spite of symptoms and the successes and failures of research. I recommend this book for families who have been impacted by this disease and for anyone who has an interest in the brain and its functions. ~Linda, CCL

The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer

An entertaining political/conspiracy fiction story about a down on himself but passionate archivist who accidentally stumbles upon an important piece of history not meant for him. His curiosity getting the better of him, he decides to investigate, and his persistence gets him into trouble.  Set mostly in DC, it is a classic struggle between figuring out who can be trusted, and the bad vs. the good.  People who enjoy Dan Brown novels or are entertained by any of Brad Meltzer's TV shows (as I am) should find this to be an enjoyable read. ~Lisa, CCL

Scotland, PA

This delightfully dark, black comedy version of the Scottish play will appeal to both movie and Shakespeare buffs. Joe and Pat Macbeth (James LeGros and Maura Tierney) are the hired help in a small town greasy spoon. However, they have greater ambitions for the restaurant than boss, Norm Duncan, will allow ... so what's a scheming couple to do? Christopher Walken enters as Detective MacDuff, trying to solve the grotesque murders that ensue. Tierney is wonderful as Pat Macbeth, and the supporting cast, including Andy Dick as one of the three weirds, lends a comic, creepy air to this take on the Bard's famous play. The soundtrack is full of 70s rock (lots of Bad Company) as an added bonus. ~Kathryn, CC

Beautiful Birds by Jean Roussen

This ABC book is a little different from the usual variety. It delivers exactly what the title promises - beautiful birds. The gorgeous pictures accompany unique words; instead of apple to zebra we get albatross to zosteropidae. Parents (and non-parents) will love poring over the stunning illustrations as much as their kids. ~Laura, HH