Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

The third installment in the riveting YA series: Throne of Glass- Former assassin Celaena finds herself confronting a deeply hidden secret about her family line that has the power to change her life and the rest of the world around her. However, she faces her toughest challenge yet, how to defeat a dark force that is trying to destroy the world. If you're a fan of magic, mythical creatures, and strong female characters, you'll enjoy this wonderful series. ~Adrianna, CCL

The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta

Written in verse, Dean Atta's coming of age novel tells the story of Michael, a mixed-race, queer teen finding his place in London. He struggles with not feeling like he fits in with either of his Greek-Cypriot or Jamaican roots and yearns to find a community where he feels fully accepted. Through his poetry, the support of his college Drag Club, and the friends he makes along the way, Michael discovers his identity as "The Black Flamingo." ~Emma, CCL

A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende

A young doctor who served alongside his compatriots in fighting General Franco and his Fascists in the Spanish Civil War is forced to flee the grisly aftermath along with his brother’s pregnant young wife.  The two join 2,200 other refugees who were fortunate enough to board the SS Wininipeg, a charitable venture put together by poet Pablo Neruda, welcoming the exiles to start new lives in his homeland of Chile. However, in order to board the two young people must enter a marriage that neither of them wants. This epic novel spanning decades follows their relationship as they start over on a new continent, still facing trial after trial as they both forever long for a reunion with their home and their pasts.  This novel brings you into the disillusionment that comes in the aftermath of war, and takes a close look at the underpinnings of what it truly means to love another human being. ~Claire Michelle, HH

The Body by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson gives us another highly entertaining and interesting book, this time about ourselves. The Body takes you through the various systems and functions of the human body and provides many fascinating facts. Did you know for example that humans are the only mammals that commonly suffer strokes, or that every day your body discards about 100 billion expired red blood cells? This book is dense with such astounding tidbits, and all of it written in Bryson’s easy-to-read, lighthearted style. ~Meredith, CCL

The Nature of Life and Death by Patricia Wiltshire

Take a trip into the world of forensic palynology, or the study of pollen and spores to solve mysteries and crimes. On us all the time there are microscopic bits of plant material that provide an irrefutable and clandestine record of where we’ve been and often what we’ve done, and Patricia Wiltshire is one of the world’s experts on using this bounty of evidence to solve crimes. She has helped police with many crimes, including murder, by analyzing suspects’ clothing, cars, bodies, and other personal items to place them at a crime scene, or to exonerate the innocent. In addition to the true crime stories in this book, you’ll learn just enough about botany to change the way you look at how you move through and your relationship with the natural world. ~Meredith, CCL