Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Looker by Laura Sims

A fast, psychological thriller about a woman's obsession with her neighbor, a beautiful and famous actress. A good look into an unraveling mind and an engaging story about envy. ~Barbara, HH

Rough House by Tina Ontiveros

Tina Ontiveros shares her coming of age story in this memoir. She provides an engaging contrast between the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest logging country she grew up in in the 1980s and Ontiveros' own confining and poverty-stricken family life. Her father was an unreliable and volatile man prone to violence, while her mother was determined to provide a stable home for her children. The author takes you through her childhood and adolescence, as she comes to terms with her parents' weaknesses and strengths. ~Meredith, CCL

The River by Peter Heller

A descriptive and atmospheric thriller about two college friends on a canoe trip in northern Canada. A threatening wildfire, suspicious travelers and a missing woman put their survival skills to the test. ~Barbara, HH

Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker

In 1945, Don and Mimi Galvin welcomed their first child. Over twenty years, they added eleven more children to their brood. Six would become schizophrenic. A fascinating look at the Galvin family's struggles and a comprehensive study of schizophrenia and its treatment options. ~Barbara, HH

A. Lincoln by Ronald C. White

This book takes you through Lincoln’s life, from his very American Midwestern upbringing to his election to president, and explains his struggles as a political moderate. It shows his difficult personal deliberations and the heavy burden of the Civil War he bore. More than the iconic face in the stovepipe hat, he was self-educated, a calculating politician, a deep thinker, and a religious man who frequently used the Bible to guide his decisions. Along the way you also learn interesting details about Lincoln, such as the fact that his second autobiography was first published right here in the Chester County Times in 1860, and that his father’s side of the family was from Pennsylvania. ~Meredith, CCL