Personal Finance Resources and Workshops

Featured Personal Finance Resources
These websites will help you find information on personal finance topics such as investing and consumer information.

One Source Global Business Browser (via Reference USA)
Information on international companies, international industry reports and market research. Also includes information on large American corporations. This database can be accessed from home with a valid Chester County Library System card.

Personal Finance Resources and Workshops
The Chester County Library provides programs on personal finance topics, with emphasis on helping individuals find, understand, and use financial information.

What's Your Social Security Strategy?
Tuesday, April 25th 6:00 - 7:30 PM - Henrietta Hankin Library Community Room
"What's Your Social Security Strategy?" walks you through common, but surprisingly complex situations including:

- How to choose between the hundreds of possible claiming strategies
- How to give your Social Security check a government-guaranteed boost
- How benefits for one spouse are affected based on when and how the other spouse files
- How being married, divorced, or widowed impacts your benefits

This presentation will educate you on the many decisions involved in claiming Social Security, as well as their consequences, and provide strategies to maximize your benefits received. Please register online.

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Learn - The library provides programs for individuals seeking information on a range of personal finance topics, including investments, debt, retirement, wealth planning, and financial planning tools.

Grow - The library's resources of books, DVDs, and websites provides a one-stop-shop for information on financial concepts and strategies, investment terms, and financial planning tools.  In addition to the library's collection, area experts in the field of financial planning at any stage of life, constructive and interactive workshops are presented on these compelling topics to bridge the span between theory and practice.  Individuals learn how to transform financial concepts into managable practices from experienced professionals.

Succeed - The library strives to help individuals build lasting and beneficial relationships with key resources, organizations, and communities to facilitate financial literacy, growth, and prosperity.