National Library Week, April 8-14

The Chester County Library and the Henrietta Hankin Branch join libraries throughout Pennsylvania and the country in celebrating all that libraries have to offer as part of National Library Week 2018. Libraries and their credentialed staffs lead their communities every day through the services and invaluable expertise they offer.

National Library Week, observed April 8-14, puts a spotlight on the changing role of libraries, librarians, and library workers. Libraries aren’t just book repositories or places of quiet study; they are also community centers that provide refuge and fuel creativity and civic engagement. Patrons and visitors can collaborate, use new technologies, acquire current skills, access online classes, and connect with other community members.

Libraries of all types are evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities they serve. Elected officials, small business owners, students, and the public at large depend upon libraries and the resources they offer to meet the needs of their communities. By providing resources such as eBooks and technology materials, job development programs, or safe spaces, libraries and librarians are leading in their communities.

The Chester County Library and Henrietta Hankin Branch provide crucial services to the patrons we serve, offering unlimited opportunities for personal growth and lifelong learning. All libraries level the playing field for everyone information and access to technologies that will improve not only their individual quality of life but that of their loved ones and their surrounding community.

Celebrate National Library Week April 8-14 and National Library Workers Day on Tuesday, April 9th, by visiting your library. For more information on National Library Week go to