Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Staff Picks

The Inquisitor's Tale, or, the Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz

Follow the magical tale of a peasant girl, a Jewish boy, an unusual oblate, and a very special greyhound in this cleverly and beautifully told tale set in medieval France. By turns funny and poignant, this children’s novel ultimately touches on difficult and timeless issues in such a way that it may be a great read for adults as well. Six years of research in the making, this award-winning book is a marvel and the author’s note following the story is not to be missed! ~Laura, CCL

The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter continues to weave intriguing stories about Will Trent and Sara Linton.  The twists and turns kept me looking for places to go so that I could listen to the book in the car!  If you haven't read any of Slaughter's books, and you like mysteries, give this a try. ~Beverly, HH

The Wangs Vs the World by Jade Chang

Charles Wang came to America with nothing and made a fortune in the cosmetics industry and he has the lifestyle to prove it, including a Bel Air mansion, a fleet of luxury cars and custom-made everything. Due to hubris and bad decisions he loses it all and frantically gathers his fractured family–angry second wife Barbra, aspiring comedian son Andrew, and bratty Grace – for a farcical cross-country road trip to eldest daughter Saina’s Hudson Valley farmhouse. Charles’s goal is to deposit his wife and children in New York and then travel to China on a quixotic mission to demand back Wang ancestral lands seized by the Communists during the revolution.  Bizarre events and encounters on the road trip and in New York make for a funny and touching family circus, as each Wang wrestles with issues of identity and evaluates what they have lost and what they might gain that is more valuable. ~Mary, HH

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Ove is a pathetic, middle aged man who has suffered many tragedies throughout his life.  The final straw is the death of his beloved wife.  When Ove makes several attempts to join her in the afterlife, he is thwarted at every turn by his crazy, needy neighbors, who show him there might still be something to live for. ~Marguerite, CCL

Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman

A magnificent and thought-provoking work of historical fiction set in medieval Wales. Political ambition, cultural enmities, conflicting loyalties, and a deeply moving romance fill the pages as we follow the stories of the notorious King John of England (1166-1216), his illegitimate daughter Joanna, the Welsh Prince Llewelyn, and a host of other intriguing characters. A detailed, engrossing read for those who love immersing themselves in tales of distant time periods and ways of life. ~Laura, CCL